It’s all about the kit…Meet Lizzi from NeoPro

January 9, 2022


We sat down to talk to Lizzi about her cycling story and how she found the motivation to start NeoPro with her husband Nick. They both love cycling, but wanted more from their kit, and at a better cost. Lizzi is one of us, the common cyclist, she isn’t sponsored and understands the needs of cyclists. That is what really appealed to us about her and NeoPro. We hope you enjoy this episode! We had a blast talking to her.


NeoPro – cycling found me – comes from the time when it all started. We didn’t go hunting for cycling – cycling found us. Now it’s a huge part of our daily lives and drives our purpose. We’ve ridden and raced road and track cycling for 15 years and counting and we want to help others to love it as much as we do.

We’re on a mission! We want everyone to be able to have cool kit at a price that doesn’t break the bank. Cool, comfortable, quality kit at amazing prices. Our customers vouch for us that we haven’t compromised those 3 things to achieve what we have!

This is why we started NeoPro and achieving our dreams and goals is really the sweetest feeling. What makes it sweeter is the support we have had along the way and the family that has formed around NeoPro – everyone supports, encourages and celebrates each other along the way.


Cycling, bikes and kit. The more involved you get, the more you catch the bug, the more you want, and the more you need. You live it, breathe it, FEEL it. Need it, want it, MUST have it.

In 2015 we brought our dream to life. After our own experiences needing new kit and the total cost required for 2 people to get a few new kits nearing the price of a mid range bike, we decided to make designs we love, at a price we also love. To design and create cycling kit, that is high quality, that doesn’t break the bank is a tough ask and it didn’t happen quickly! Our goal is to make kit so cool, you want every single style that comes out, at a price that enables it to be a reality.

Their kits are designed and tested in their home Brisbane, Australia and ridden all over the world! We are so proud!

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