A Little About 53/39

July 16, 2021

Welcome to 53/ 39. There’s a lot of new listeners. So I figured I would take some time to explain our podcast just so you don’t have to listen to episode one.

My name is Andrew and along with Nick, we are average cyclists.

While we enjoy many of the existing cycling content outlets ranging from mammoth to small. We recognize there’s a void. That void, is focused on the average cyclist. We get it. We want to ride a $12,000 bike who doesn’t, but those bikes, aren’t the people we ride with. They’re not the people that we see on the roads and they’re not the people in the trails and let’s face it if you have a $12,000. You’re not worried about trying to find the best disc brake for your bike at the best price. we’re here to kind of fill that void and talk to you as a cyclist.

we’re looking to be the cycling podcast that you would listen to because we are average, right? We aren’t former pros nor do we ride with any of them. We admire their abilities and certainly we are envious at times.

We recognize that they demand a lot more from their than we do marginal gains, which means the world to them only appears as a second mortgage.

Nick and I love cycling. It’s a massive part of our life and we’re average in every single way. We’re just looking to improve ourselves in both mind and body, but we also bike for our own. We want to speak to people just like us.

People who enjoy spending the pedals, who recognize as many benefits from it ranging from physical to mental or to simply being outdoors and spending time with friends.

We aim to be conversational with how we present our guests and our regular content. We want to bring you fun and enjoyable stuff from the bike community.

So if you don’t have a bike community nearby, We want to be that for you.

I hope you enjoy our podcast. If you continue to listen, feel free to review us on social media or where you download your podcasts. Also, you can support us on Patrion. The links are on our website at 5339cycling.com. Or you can find it in the description below hammer on.

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